Levitra Oral Jelly Zhewitra 7 Pack 20mg Vardenafil

Don't feel like swallowing pills? Try Zhewitra Oral Jelly. Zhevitra Oral Geli in the form of a gel is a real breakthrough in the field of pharmacology. A pleasant strawberry flavor will enhance the pleasure of anticipating an upcoming meeting. Liquid analogues of Levitra are absorbed by the body much faster. 

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Levitra Zhewitra Oral Jelly is an original solution to men's problems in the form of strawberry-flavored jelly. The drug is a generic version of Levitra. They contain the same active ingredient Vardenafil Vardenafil. A highly effective agent that restores potency and increases libido in men.

Of the many analogue products for awakening an erection, Zhewitra Oral Jelly is the safest, fastest-acting and characterized by a long duration of effect. This drug is a jelly-like substance (gel) that has a pleasant fruity taste and aroma. Along with many similar products, Zhevitra Oral Geli is absorbed much more rapidly, as a result of which a quick effect occurs (15-20 minutes).

Zhewitra Oral Jelly does not induce or stimulate an erection, it only affects the mechanical processes of the body, which occurs naturally and without affecting the level of hormones. This drug provides blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which is accompanied by a dynamic, stable and long-lasting erection, but it is effective only in the presence of a man's sexual excitability. A distinctive feature of Zhewitra Oral Jelly is the absence of the need to drink the medicine with water, as well as taking Zhewitra Oral Jelly, regardless of alcohol and food consumption, including fatty foods.

Indications for use of Zhewitra Oral Jelly

The drug Zhevitra Gel is intended for men with unstable and weak erections, in other words, for people suffering from erectile dysfunction, regardless of the reasons for its occurrence (physiological and psychological factors). In addition, scientists and researchers found that Generic Levitra Zhewitra Oral Jelly can be used by men with high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, as well as patients with diabetes.

Composition: this drug contains the main active ingredient - Vardenafil 20 mg in each sachet. It is this component that causes increased blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis, providing a stable and elastic erection.

Levitra analogue Zhewitra Oral Jelly instructions for use: take Zhewitra Oral Jelly immediately 15-20 minutes before the desired sexual intercourse. One sachet (20 mg) is a single and daily dose, which should not be exceeded. The effect of this drug varies over the time frame from 6 to 12 hours after administration. The drug is taken regardless of the time of intake and the amount of food, and is also effective when drinking alcohol and does not cause side effects.

Contraindications for Zhewitra Oral Jelly:

  • women and children under 18;
  • men who are simultaneously taking nitrates of various groups, other PDE-5 inhibitors, grapefruit juice;
  • patients who have had serious heart disease, as well as people with kidney and liver disease;
  • men who have an anatomical deviation of the genital organ;
  • people with personal intolerance to the active substance.

Packaging: in a package of 7 sachets, each contains 20 mg of Vardenafil. The weight of the blister is about 5 g.

Zhewitra Oral Jelly is a medical product and should only be taken after examination and prescription by your healthcare professional. The site administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm to health associated with self-medication with drugs based on Vardenafil. Please follow the contraindications and dosage. Higher dosage and frequent use can be harmful to health.