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To one degree or another, more than half of the world's population faces sexual dysfunction. A frantic modern rhythm, constant physical and nervous overload, lack of sleep, lack of confidence lead to a decrease in sexual activity. Until recently, medicine in the fight against women's problems was powerless. But today, fortunately, a solution has been found. 

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For a very long time, researchers were concerned only with male sexual problems. Numerous developments and clinical trials have led to the development of effective remedies. With drugs to increase female libido, everything was more complicated. Several times in major world scientific centers they tried to influence the woman's body. But unsuccessfully.
First, the Female Stimulant was developed "theoretically". Scientists have noticed that the mechanism of arousal of erogenous zones in women and men is almost identical. Consequently, it can be influenced by the same methods. This idea has become the reason for large-scale research. Laboratories from the USA, the Netherlands, China, Malaysia joined the scientific work. So a female stimulant was obtained. For many women, it has become a panacea for many ills. The medicine helps to restore the family, return passion to the relationship, "tie" the beloved man. The effect was amazing. Lovegra is by far the most effective way to increase female libido.

Who needs this drug

The female stimulant that you can buy on this page will help any woman to experience stronger feelings. It can be consumed at any age, starting from the age of 18. The remedy will give a young girl new sensations, an elderly lady will return her former passion. The drug is recommended to be taken when the following symptoms appear:

  • frigidity;
  • loss of sexual desire;
  • Inability to satisfy;
  • decreased sensuality;
  • Vaginal dryness (weak natural lubrication).

When problems with sexual activity appear, the woman no longer feels doomed. It is enough to buy Lovegra and normal sex life will be restored.
Do not think that the female pathogen is no different from the male version. Despite the same active ingredient, these are completely different drugs. When developing this remedy, pharmacologists took into account the characteristics of the female body. It is absolutely safe, does not violate hormonal levels, and is not addictive. But men cannot accept it.

Active ingredient and principle of action

Lovegra - tablets for women are in constant demand. The active ingredient of the drug Sildenafil is an active type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor. It is PDE-5 that causes the deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvic area. Due to the low blood flow, the activity of the mucous glands decreases. As a result, sex stops being enjoyable. In some cases, relationships with a partner become painful and disgusting.
The problem can be solved with Lovegra. Once in the blood, Sildenafil quickly suppresses the effect of PDE-5. This causes a powerful blood flow to the vagina. The labia swell and become more sensitive. The clitoris is saturated with blood. The body temperature around the penis rises, increasing the sensitivity of the erogenous zones. After taking the drug, any woman starts up, as they say, with half a turn.
The increased blood flow sharply activates the work of the mucous glands. They fill with natural secretions. During intercourse, the vessels dilate, and the lubricant "splashes" into the vagina. Women, for whom dryness of the penis has become the norm, stop using chemical lubricants after a few doses of female Viagra tablets. They are not needed for a healthy female body.

In addition to Sildenafil, Lovegra includes:

  • Cellulose;
  • Lactose;
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate;
  • Calcium hydromellose;
  • Gelatin.

Additional substances enhance the action of Sildenafil.

Lovegra benefits

The female pathogen has a complex effect. The restoration of sexual activity leads to the normalization of all life processes. A woman's insomnia disappears, her health improves, and her interest in life increases. It is intuitively, on a subconscious level, noticed by everyone around. People begin to show the woman signs of attention, to treat her more respectfully.

Instructions for use

Lovegra, which is quite affordable, is taken orally. Each tablet contains 100 mg of Sildenafil. This amount is the maximum daily dose. For women who have not previously taken the drug, it is recommended to start taking with 50 mg (half a tablet). The tablet must be taken with a glass of water.
Taking the drug, it should be borne in mind that the effect of Sildenafil will begin in about 30-60 minutes. The speed of manifestation of the effect depends on the psychological state, the degree of fatigue, satiety and other factors. It is better not to risk it and take the pill an hour before the intended act. The action lasts 4-5 hours. Drinking alcohol during this period is not allowed.

Interaction with other medications

The drug for increasing libido Lovegra is absolutely incompatible with nitrate-containing products. This group includes many common drugs such as nitroglycerin. The combined effects of these drugs can cause a sharp increase in arterial blood pressure, heart failure.

Under no circumstances exceed the prescribed daily dose of Lovegra. If it is exceeded, the likelihood of side effects increases significantly. An increase in dosage can lead to a sharp deterioration in well-being.


Lovegra is a medicinal product and can only be taken after examination and appointment by the attending physician. The site administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm to health associated with self-medication with drugs based on Sildenafil. Please follow the contraindications and dosage. Increased dosage and frequent use can be harmful to health.